Data Driven Business Models

Digital business models are disrupting smart systems, as the result of shifts in operational efficiency, opportunities for risk transfer or derivative markets, and equity value from intangible (non-financial) assets. 

These value streams are opening up investment in infrastructure to capital-efficient models, where frequent updates on structural health and use inform risk and return.

The risk-return framework of infrastructure investment captures social, regulated, and demand-based systems, mainly driven by fixed income (e.g. bonds, debt) and private equity or hedge funds.  Smart infrastructure represent IoT-driven systems, where returns depend on performance and structural health.

Our work focuses on how data-driven value drivers in smart real assets can be converted and tested into financial models or risk rating in a simulation environment.

Recent and Current Collaborators and Partners

  • Prof. Newsha Ajami, Director, Center of Urban Water Policy, Stanford University
  • Deloitte, Detroit Office
  • World Economic Forum
  • UM-Transportation Research Institute