“Democratizing access to quality of life services by changing how infrastructure systems are designed and financed through data-driven business models.”


Data Science. Machine learning, A.I. & natural language processing (NLP)

Financial Technology. Tokenization, blockchain, algorithmic decision-making

Risk Assessment, Allocation & Transfer. Privacy, cybersecurity, price volatility


Sustainable Infrastructure. Metrics, designs, evaluation, scenarios

Efficient Financing Models. Risk & return, asset classes, policy, legal

Risk Management. Advanced analytics, decision models, visualization

Corporate Engagement

Internships. For credit agreements with financial services/fintech/asset management

Licensing.  Intellectual property transfer and (co)-development of software tools

Problem Solving.  Corporate/startup memberships; InfraTech hackathons; Empirical research




Our academic partners at UM include the Michigan Institute for Data Science (MIDAS); the Center for Finance, Law and Policy (CFLP; Director: Professor Michael Barr) at the Schools of Law and Public Policy, the Center for Venture Capital and Private Equity (VCPE; Director: Professor David Brophy), and the Center for Value Chain Innovation (Ross School of Business; Director: Professor Ravi Anupindi).


Our professional partners represent financial services, financial technology, and data science industries. Examples include lenders (e.g. Silicon Valley Bank, NY Green Bank, BlackRock), insurance companies (e.g. Nephila Advisors), asset managers (e.g. Dana Investment Advisors, CalPERS), data resellers and ratings agencies (e.g. MSCI, Bloomberg, TruCost S&P), ICT companies (e.g. Cisco, Google Sidewalk Labs), and FinTech startups (e.g. Ripple, Equarius Risk Analytics).

Engagement with non-profits (e.g. Ceres, World Resources Institute, Global CleanTech Cluster Association, WWF, Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Governors and Premiers), and government agencies (e.g. Economic Development Administration, DOE, NSF).