Digital Financing of Intelligent Infrastructure

Resilient Infrastructure

Financial Innovation

Standards & Benchmarks

Efficient Financing for Intelligent Infrastructure


The Center for Smart Infrastructure (InfraTech) Finance explores digital financing models to deploy efficient capital for – and design of – smart and resilient infrastructure systems.

We focus on integrating IoT-enabled data streams from infrastructure systems with financial models to overcome investment barriers, and legal or policy constraints.

The Center drives education, research and business engagement innovations in infrastructure finance to offer a new value proposition to faculty, students, and professionals.

“Developing standards to integrate sustainability and resilience criteria in infrastructure is critical to project developers and financiers across asset classes, while helping public sector institutions bridge the infrastructure gap.”

Nick Robins, Co-Director, Sustainable Financial Systems, UNEP

Motivation & Megatrends

Redefining Infrastructure

Automation and digitalization have expanded infrastructure value chains to include information architecture that serves to operate, maintain, and create value-added services for resilience of the underlying intelligent asset.

Digital Business Models

The integration of IoT in the design, construction and operation of smart infrastructure systems, is resulting in new data-driven business models enabling tokenization and fractionalization of physical assets.

Data-Driven Financing

Smart infrastructure can be financed beyond traditional debt and equity investments to include IoT-informed bonds, smart contracts, risk transfer models, securitization, and equity crowd finance.

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